Scalable, adaptable and efficient

Design is one aspect, the platform and software behind the scenes is just as important. One cannot function effectively without the other. Our aim is to help your business harness the potential of the internet, providing solutions to your business problems. Comtec Media specialise in delivering open source solutions which give you an enterprise solution without the price tag.

The overall goal is to capture your vision for the project, incorporate the design, branding and deliver a solution which maximises return on your investment.

» Databases, Interactive Websites, E-Commerce, Property Portals, Blogs/Forums, Micro Sites
» Linking With 3rd Party Applications, Connecting To Internal Systems

Functionality for websites is a must, having a presence and information is a help, but giving your users the information you need, or allowing them to interact directly to you can be imperative for any business.

» Interactive Forms, Intelligent Search Parameters
» Shopping Carts, Galleries, Animation
» Demos and Examples

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